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Home Automation

Take that extra step with the same technology and get more control, convenience, and security for your home.

Remote Access

Check on your loved ones or pet while you’re at work or away on vacation using your provider’s app.

Around-The-Clock Monitoring

Hundreds of monitoring stations scattered throughout the nation are working nonstop to ensure your safety.

No Relocation Costs

Some providers in our network will give you the option to relocate freely without incurring reactivation charges.

Wireless & Landline Options

We’ll connect you with the system you need whether you want to avoid installation money or drilling holes in your walls.

Why Set Up a Security System in the First Place?

There is no greater threat to burglars than a reliable security system. Even the most standard system available for sale comes with door and window sensors, a motion sensor, a control panel, and a 24/7 professional monitoring service – each of which sets the burglar up for failure.

How to Take Full Advantage of Your System?

Generally speaking, most home security system providers sell their individual devices and offer three different bundles of them with warranties and services paid for monthly in return for a 2 or 3-year commitment. For the most part, providers present their services in three prepackaged deals for you to choose from. Frontpoint, for instance, has three monitoring plans – Protection, Interactive, and Ultimate – the Protection plan will give you basic intrusion protection equipment, but you won’t get the handy doorbell camera found with the Ultimate plan.

Look over the three tiers of monitoring packages common with providers and decide on the right kind of system to arm your home with.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Every home security system provider is willing to monitor your home for you. Using the equipment that comes with the deal of your choice, numerous monitoring stations located in all corners of the country are closely monitoring the goings on of your system. If a burglar breaks the glass to your living room window, a glass-break sensor picks up on the resonant sound and sets off an alarm - at the other end, a monitoring agent receives the alert and calls to check on you; if it isn’t a false alarm, they’ll immediately alert the authorities for you.

Modern home security systems allow you to view your home from your mobile device or your computer. You can see what is happening inside your home. Furthermore, modern home security systems are becoming part of an entire home automation solution that will allow you to control temperature, open/close shutters and more.

If professional monitoring is a must for you, ADT has the largest intelligence network working full time to protect American and Canadian homes. They have 6 monitoring centers interconnected by 335 call center stations throughout America, ensuring you’re never left stranded.

Sure, you can do the monitoring yourself using the app that comes with the service, but you can’t always be awake or available. With this upgrade, you can rest assured that someone has your back if things go bad.